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I Drank A Smoothie For Breakfast Every Single Day For A Week—Here's What I Learned

Author: Gina TomaineI've always been a smoothie devotee, however I usually reserved my frozen-d [More]

The 5 Germiest Items a Runner Owns

Runners can claim to be pretty healthy overall, but they certainly can’t boast about being the clean [More]

Habits of Highly Motivated Runners

Runners dream big. Tackling a new distance, posting a personal best, losing 20 pounds—we e [More]

Foods To Avoid Before A Run

When it comes to running, there are few things more painful—physically and emotionally—than run [More]

Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight loss is one of the most common resolutions people make in the New Year, but many opt for quic [More]

7 Legitimate Health Benefits Of Chocolate

Pure, unadulterated dark chocolate just might save your  ROL STAFF  FEBRUARY [More]

Easy Tips to Stay in Motion

You get more benefits from your miles if you move a little all day.By Kristen Dold  MONDAY [More]

9 Surprising Ways Running Outside Is Good For You

Sure, we all know that running gets your blood pumping and your heart rate going. But did you know t [More]

Improve Your Posture From Head to Toe

Smartphones, computers, desk jobs, shoulder bags, and endless commutes: we have become a generation [More]

Matcha Chia Pudding

I've been on a bit of a matcha kick lately, ever since I tried my first matcha almond milk latt [More]
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