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Kids' Fitting Advice

We believe that kids especially need good quality shoes. Children's feet are not fully formed until they're in their late teens. During that time, kids need properly fitted shoes that give their little feet room to grow. Shoes that don't fit properly can prevent natural growth, cause discomfort and lead to health problems. They can even adversely affect your child's walking development. That's why our staff has extensive training and experience in fitting children's feet. We also offer shoes with support, stability, balance, control, comfort and protection that children need. We also have shoes in a variety of widths.

Caring for Children's Feet

  • Never put your child in shoes that are too big or too small. Too small, and it can impede growth. Too big, and it can cause blisters.
  • Don't use hand me down shoes. No two pair of feet are ever the same shape or size
  • Get socks that fit too. If they are too tight, they will cramp the foot and if they are too big they can bunch and cause blisters
  • Choose shoes with natural linings and socks with a high fiber content to allow feet to breathe
  • Get your child's shoes fit often. Up to the age of four, your child's feet can grow by up to two whole sizes a year, and by the time they start school this can still be up to a full size a year.

Kid Shoe Sizing

you can download our Printable PDF Kids' Foot-Fitting Chart. This is for kid's feet only. Place the fitting chart on a smooth, uncarpeted surface with the "Heel Line" against a wall. Make sure they are distributing full weight equally on both feet. Make certain you are measuring both feet to the longest toe and select the size based on the largest foot. To Determine foot width, measure the widest part of the child's foot, the ball of the foot. See which of the width lines that if all into and select either Medium, Wide or X-Wide on your order.

Windows Instructions: Click on your printer icon. Make sure that "Page Scaling" is set to "None" and that "Auto-Rotate" and "Center" boxes are checked.

Mac Instructions: In Set-Up, make sure "Scale" is set to "100%" and "Scale To Fit" is not checked. "Page Orientation" should be set to "Portrait".

Note: Before using, please verify the page has printed to scale by measuring either of the two horizontal WHITE LINES that run underneath each foot. Each white line should measure approximately 1.75 inches.

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