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Caring for Your Shoes

We know that good shoes are an investment. Keeping that investment in top condition is worth a little extra effort. The facts and tips below are a few ways to help you take care and even extend the natural life of your shoes.

Basic Maintenance

  • Shoes need a day off. If you want your shoes to last longer, rotate them with another pair.
  • When you buy a new pair of shoes, protect them before you wear them for the first time
  • If your shoes get wet, allow them to dry completely before wearing them again. Once your shoes have dried, it's a good idea to waterproof them again
  • Use a shoe horn to assist with putting on your shoes to keep the heel from losing its shape
  • Make sure laces are untied before putting on or taking off your shoes
  • Never put shoes in the washing machine or dryer. Damage to shoe construction will occur. Always air dry damp shoes
  • We highly recommend cleaning your shoes on a regular basis, depending on frequency of use. The cleaning method depends on the shoe's material. Leather can be polished and conditioned with a leather lotion applied with a soft cloth. Suede looks best when brushed; although special suede brushes are available, a clean toothbrush works just as well. Fabric should be sprayed with a stain guard.
  • When traveling, use shoe bags; this will prevent the soiling from getting in touch with your clothing.

Care of Suede & Nubuck

Suede & Nubuck shoes deserve special attention and look best when brushed. Make sure they are cleaned and waterproofed regularly.

  • Suede can be cleaned with a clean soft brush (like a toothbrush), or you can buy special erasers (suede bars) to remove stains and dirt. A protective non-silicone finish sprayed on new suede shoes will help repel water and stains.
  • Nubuck (brushed leather similar to suede, but with a finer nap) should be treated with water repellent, use rubber-bristlebrush (not nylon) or a suede bar. Use the bar damp to clean and condition, and use the brush to lift the nap
  • Always allow them to dry naturally and never put them near direct heat.
Care of Leather

Dirt and other debris can easily embed into leather. Therefore, your leather shoes or boots need to be cleaned before you start polishing. Clean the shoes with leather cleaner to get the grime off the top. Never use any type of cleaner that contains an acid or a detergent as both are damaging to fine leather and will age the shoe.

  • To polish your shoes effectively, always remove the shoelaces from your shoe before you start polishing your shoes. This is the best way to get to clean the tongue of the shoe and avoid staining the laces.
  • For best results using shoe polishes or creams, first apply the shoe polish or cream evenly to leather shoes and boots with a brush or soft cloth. Once the polish has properly dried, simply buff to a brilliant shine using a natural bristle brush. Note that it is important to use a separate brush and cloth for applying and buffing different colored shoes.
  • . Weatherproof your shoes. A protective spray is an excellent way to protect your shoes from water, snow, mud, and spills. The best way to protect your shoes is to wipe the leather with a damp cloth, following the instructions on the protector spray. Spray your shoes before wearing, and on a regular basis thereafter.

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