Proper Shoe Fit

If you have foot pain and are looking for relief…your search is over. With a vast assortment of shoes and inserts to fit most every foot shape, Brown’s Shoe Center is your one-stop-shop! A certified Pedorthist is also available to assist those more in need of specific services.

Do you find yourself throwing off your shoes as soon as you get in the door at home after a long day? It could be that your shoes are worn out or just the wrong size for your changing feet. Most people think that once we reach a certain age our feet stop growing, and for the most part that is true. However, our feet are always adapting to the ever-changing environment we are in. Since the introduction of cement and pavement we find ourselves walking on very hard surfaces every day; therefore, our feet are taking a lot of pounding which in turn can alter the shape of our feet. Gravity pulls down on our bodies and as we all find out eventually things shift (not just our feet)! Getting the proper fit for your evolving foot shape is so important and should be done every 8-12 months. The feet need a little wiggle room to function properly so stop squeezing them into shoes just because they look cute or “this is the size I have always worn”! Come get fit by the professionals at Brown’s Shoe Center!


Posted by: Donna Boland, C.Ped, Brown's Shoe Center 

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