Heel Lift

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Heel lifts that slip into the heel area of your shoe provide a simple solution for mild leg length variations. The tallest lift that should be used inside of a shoe is 1/2 inch or 12mm. Increments taller than 1/2 inch should be incorporated into the shoe's external components.

  • The lift should be placed under the insole or custom orthotic in the shoe of the shorter leg.
  • The lift adds length to the shorter leg to enhance body alignment for a better balanced gait.
  • Heel lifts are available in five different height increments: 3mm = 1/8 inch    5mm = 3/16 inch, 7mm = 1/4 inch, 9mm = 3/8 inch, 12mm = 1/2 inch

Please refer to the chart below for shoe sizing. 

   LS     LL  MS  ML
 Youth Sizing       1-3  3-5.5     
Women's Sizing  5-6.5  7-8 8.5+  
Men's Sizing         7.5-9.5 10-12