Customer Testimonials

"I would like to say, I've never dealt with a company that is so customer service oriented in my life. When I tried on the shoes I received and they were too big, I got online and chatted with Emily. I am not computer friendly to say the least, but she made it so easy I couldn't believe it. You will be getting more of my business and I will share my experience with others. Thank you."  - Bill B.


"Just a quick thank you to Rob C., Overland Park KS store, for fitting me with an amazing pair of athletic shoes. I have been on a five month search for a shoe that would enable me to exercise consistently without having foot pain due to plantar fasciitis. Explained to Rob that over the Fourth of July weekend I was going to New York City. Lots of walking would be required and I was very concerned about the impact on my feet, and therefore my trip. Rob listened to all my concerns and my needs and selected the 880 for me. Day 1 in New York City I logged 10.4 miles on brand new athletic shoes.  Results?  Not one bit of pain or discomfort that evening or the next day. I continued to walk up to 4 miles each day for 4 more days! I am a fan for life thanks to Rob!  Will be back for a spare pair, as well as looking for casual/work shoes on the website." - Patti C.


"I want to comment on the exceptional assistance that Andy offered our family this last Saturday morning at the Creve Coeur store, when we brought our fully senior mother in to be fitted for a new pair of walking shoes. Having been raised before the highly engineered shoes of today, she finds the range of choices overwhelming, but Andy explained the need for a particular style, skillfully listened to ascertain what she considers important in a shoe, and patiently allowed her to make up her mind, without losing sight of the goal. We were very impressed with his ability, and thrilled that she could make an appropriate purchase. She herself told me later that she appreciated his understanding of the stock and which shoes would be appropriate for her feet. She wore the shoes the very next day, and did not complain of any pressure on her feet. Many thanks for Andy's professionalism and expertise!" - Kelly P.


"The young lady at your store was AMAZING, her assessment/ selection of the correct shoe due to former fracture Cuboid, 5th Metatarsal / partial Achilles tear was on 🎯 The shoe supports the ankle from vulnerability lateral rotation.  
I have only worn NB Athletic shoes for over 35 Years, Thank you for Fantastic product, educated professional staff/being the only US Manufacturer in the US of athletic shoes." - Kathleen T.


“Emily was the agent, she helped me so much. She went out of her way to look to see if the shoes were even in stock and since I had ordered already was able to cancel my order so I could start again. I have not had just GREAT service in a long lime. THANK YOU so much. She was AWESOME!!!!! Carol S.


“(Regarding New Balance Kansas City) Visited store on 02/25/17. Purchased pair of NB MW928GY2 shoes for myself and W880GB6 shoes for my wife. We were served very professionally and satisfactorily by Aric. Frankly, after being sized, we had considered ordering online for possibly less cost. However after being so well served by Aric, we could not in good conscience do that. Aric saved the sale for your store. Incidentally, both pairs of shoes fit great and are very comfortable. The 928s are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. James L.


“(Regarding New Balance Kansas City) It was a pleasure to be be a customer in your store. I felt informed and extremely satisfied” Doug J.


“I just wanted to thank you for having such great employees. I was in your Kansas City/Overland Park store yesterday, 08/03/16. I was blessed to have Nichelle assist me. I've been a customer for a few years and have always just bought what was recommended by the gentleman who helped me on my first visit. I have since developed Plantar Fasciitis, so I had some questions about the shoe inserts. Not only did Nichelle take the time to reevaluate my feet and find a better insert to help, but she also checked the shoes themselves. Turns out the original salesman had recommended shoes that were too big. Nichelle make sure the new pair would be just the right fit and feel and would work with the new inserts. While the color I need for work was not in stock, she has ordered them for me and hopefully they will arrive in a couple of days. I'm really hoping the new shoes and inserts will help cure the Plantar Fasciitis. Once again, I just want to say...THANK YOU, NICHELLE!!! If I had had enough money with me, I probably would have purchased two pairs of shoes instead of the one. Hopefully I can do that on my next visit in a couple of months. :-) Thank you! ” Donna - Independence, MO


“Emily helped me so kindly with finding which NB's work best for Morton's Neuroma which I'm suffering from a bad case, and its extremely relieving to have such fast, easy help when choosing such a specific item. Truly looking forward to the benefits they may bring!” Chat Customer


“I am a loyal New Balance/Browns customer and I have been working with Emily to try and get just the right pair of sneakers since my running shoes are no longer available. Emily has been a delight to work with and even though we are on try number 3 she is always accommodating and helpful. You are lucky to have her representing you.” Terri G


“Emily, THANK YOU for knowing the answer for my problem! The shoes arrived (1540v2) and are great - after so many months of searching, it is such a relief to have shoes that fit. Thank you for super advice!” Linda A


“I just wanted to compliment Whitney for the wonderful job she has done fitting me with a shoe that I like and that is comfortable. She went the extra mile to bring out all that was available that fit me and meet my needs. She was so patient and caring, all that time chatting with me and my husband, trying to help me relax so that I could finally make a decision about which shoe to choose. My husband and I have worn New Balance for more than 35 years. When our son married and moved to the KC area, we found your store and have been shopping with you for almost 13 years. As those years have slipped by, I have acquired orthotics and bunions, and finding a shoe that fits comfortably is becoming more difficult. Several weeks ago, we came in and I purchased two pair of the 847’s, an update from the 847’s I had been wearing for several years. I bought each pair in a different size, tried them on at home, and still was not sure that I had purchased the correct size. We were back in the store on Friday, and she drug out even more varieties for me to try, once again answering all of our questions and giving suggestions. When I tried on all that was available in what I was asking for, I decided on my regular size and the color that I wanted. She allowed my to return the white pair I had decided I did not want, and the larger size in the dark gray. I told her that I would try out the dark gray that I ended up purchasing, and then return or call for the lighter gray with pink trim, or even possibly try the 928’s after giving it some thought. We took up more than an hour of her time on both trips in, and we are so thankful that she was there each time for us. I had called on Thursday and told her of my anxiety of not knowing if I had originally purchased the right shoe, and we were excited that she would be working on Friday. I am on my feet all day at work, and having to put up with sore, tired feet makes life very fatiguing. We feel that Whitney should be commended for the fine job she is doing. Most people never consider going into a store and purchasing a walking shoe a problem, but when your feet hurt at the end of a long working day, having the right shoe fit correctly is a major relief. We look forward to working with Whitney again the next time we are in the area. ” Cassandra H


“Rachel, thank you so much for your help in finding a pair of shoes that fit!!! You were extremely patient and helpful and went the extra mile to do your job. Because of that, I will purchase ALL my fitness shoes from your store (and no, that's NOT just an excuse for a trip to St. Louis for shopping and dining). I just wanted to be sure that you knew how much I appreciated your help!” Carole B


“I was very very pleased with the help from Emily. She was very knowledgable, helpful, and quick to answer. Good representative for your company. ” Janet K.


“Just had the best experience buying shoes from Tom at Richmond Heights. You can tell he's a great employee. When I called ahead to check my size, Whitney was also a huge help and had the shoes waiting for me. She and Tom made my day. Tom answered all my questions and even took time to show me a different style. It was a busy back to school weekend for them but they were both so competent and helpful. Thanks, Tom and Whitney! ” Carol S.


“We were in your store tonight and had excellent service. The salesperson (Tyler S.) was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He took the time to listen about what was wrong with my wife's feet. We will definitely be going back there next time." Joe M.


“Katie, it was a pleasure speaking to you this afternoon, and I'm happy to say that I concur with the note on your web site...You DO Love Calls! Thanks again for your patience with my multiple questions.” Frank W.


“Jeremy, I just want to thank you for your exceptional customer service yesterday when I was trying to find court shoes that fit well. You found what I needed at the Creve Coeur store and put a hold on them for me, leaving me a message telling me exactly how to get there. I had them in time for my tennis match this morning! Jeremiah at Creve Coeur should also be commended for great service!” Sincerely, Linda G.


“Emily B. is an A one employee. She has worked so hard for me today. She needs credit of going above and beyond to help me. Please send to management cause we all do not give credit when it is due. We get negative, and she has been an asset to this company this morning. Thank you for your help.” Rhonda A.


“Awesome customer service! I have had knee and ankle issues for a few years now. Bought some inserts from them 7 months ago, I haven't had issues since! Definitely recommend it!” Kevin K.


“I recently had occasion to visit your Clayton New Balance store. I was looking to buy a new pair of tennis shoes. I am diabetic and my feet must be treated right. My salesman was Tom B. Let me tell you, right from the start that young man provided me with friendly, courteous, professional service. He was very kind. He measured my feet, talked about the shoes and made some small talk while he waited on me. His smile and enthusiasm were brighter and brought me more energy than the outdoor sun. He made my day. I think it is very important that you know the quality this young man has. He is a definite asset to your store. His personality and genuine concern that the customer leave more than a little satisfied will keep me and others coming back to the Clayton location. Had my service not been good, without hesitation, I would have written you a letter and would have expected you to make it right.This is not the case. But, I am asking you to recognize Tom B. with a good job award. Also, I would like you to place this letter into his personnel file. Good work should never go unrewarded.” Sincerely yours, Carolyn S., a very satisfied customer.


“I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the assistance provided myself and my mother by your employee Craig K. just a few days back. We had come into the Fairview Heights store with the intent of purchasing a pair of New Balance shoes for my mother. My mother is both elderly (and thus not moving too quickly) and very hard to fit (size 10 double-A), so requires quite a bit of time and attention to find and select the right shoes. Craig assisted us, and his knowledge, good humor, and patience were all spectacular. The amount of time he spent with us was so much appreciated by my mother, who at the age of 90 often feels rushed and pressured in stores. Not in this case! We cannot say enough about this fine fellow. We live in Belleville, we will recommend your stores to everyone we know, and will assure you that you have earned a couple of "customers for life!" Thank you so much to the Brown family, and especially to Craig!” Sincerely, Ida M..


“Dear Wendy, I wanted to thank you for your help today picking out my shoes and getting just the right fit. I have been buying cheap shoes for years and these new pairs are great. Thank you so much. You are great at your job!” Sincerely, Mary K


“I emailed you a couple of weeks ago about shoes for painful feet. We made a trip over there yesterday. I want you to know that not only do my feet not hurt after 10 hours of pounding concrete, they are HAPPY!! A delightful lady named Rebecca helped me and she found the perfect fit for my lifestyle and my feet!! I almost cried. My feet haven’t felt this good since the last time I had 3 weeks off in a row to rest. Thank you so much for taking the time to train your employees in the way to treat customers and their problem feet. It was an experience I am looking forward to having again. I will be back in 5 or 6 months to get new shoes and new inserts. Thanks again for all you do!!” Sincerely, Angi E.


“I wanted you to know that Emily (catalog dept.) made you guys look good. She was friendly, creative, trusting, and between the two of us, we came up with a reasonable and fair solution to a problem. Because of her, you guys will continue to be my choice for shoes.” Warm regards,Tom S.


“I would like to compliment one of your employees, Bill W., at your Overland Park store. I returned a new pair of shoes and Bill assisted me. I got another pair of shoes, orthotic inserts and heel wedge. He is a FINE representative of your company. His knowledge, persona and courtesies make shopping at New Balance a pleasure.” Paul G.


“Last week I came into the store and was greeted by a nice young man, Tyler M. I explained to him that I was going to be quite a challenge. He said, “ I hear that all the time”. Well, I thought I was a hard case. When I was 5 years old I had a polio virus. It left me with weak lousy legs, a paralyzed right posterior tibialis and very flat feet. As I grew up, my flat feet became worse. It was difficult to play sports. So, I have spent my entire life with achy flat feet and not much strength and horrible balance. I also have type II diabetes which doesn’t help matters. My feet and legs have been painful for so long I can’t remember when it started. Some days I am almost debilitated. I was desperate for decent shoes. That is when I found your store on Olive. Investigation was in order. I needed relief! Oh Boy, here we go!!! Tyler was exceptional. He spend over two hours with me and let me try six pairs of shoes on that “He” recommended. He also introduced me to a pair of off the shelf orthotics that have a carbon fiber insert in the padded device. Tyler’s knowledge, understanding, patience, and service were exemplary. I was so impressed with his professionalism. You don’t see that much at all anymore. Tyler made it simple and comfortable. Tyler has earned your company a customer that will return and definitely give good referrals for. Every single one of my old buds wears new balance.They are honestly anxious to hear about my experience. And, I made a new respected friend. I have spent my entire adult life in sales and sales management. Including a 22 year medical career selling podiatry, orthopedic, surgical and sports medicine product. I know the orthotics world quite well. These are awesome shoe orthotics. I have always prided myself on my word and service. When I experience that kind of customer service, I have to make a big deal out of it. So, My utmost compliments and Atta Boy to Tyler M. You folks have a gem in him.” Randy D.


“Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I have received awesome service from Tom C. He is knowledgeable and courteous. We have made numerous purchases at the store in the past 2 months.” Karl D.


“Hello! I just visited your Fairview Heights IL location and I wanted to send in a compliment to your staff. Mindy H. greeted myself and my boyfriend shortly after we entered the store, late on a Saturday night. I must say that she provided some of the best quality service that I have experienced at any retail store. I have worked retail a lot and I know how hard it can be to find great service. She was very helpful without being pushy. She is extremely knowledgeable about not just your products but about feet and helping me understand what the best type of shoe is for my feet. She is very personable and I plan to see her for all future shoe needs as well as recommend this establishment to my friends and family! Thank you for a great shopping experience.” Tonya C.


“I went to be measured for the WW978GT GORE-TEX® boot (at the Fairview Heights store). Tom C. fitted me, took the time to explain why I needed a larger size (the boot I previously was in a 8 1/2 B, turns out I needed a 9 1/2 B). Just to double check, I had him recheck the current fit on my WW577WT 8 1/2 B walking shoes, and he says they fit just fine. Tom was excellent and very thorough. I will recommend him to my family and friends, which is the highest compliment I can give!” Stephanie


“I was in St Louis for a wedding over the Memorial Day weekend and found the New Balance store on Clayton Rd. online. I walked in planning to buy 1 pr. of white New Balance walking shoes. I walked out after purchasing 4pr. of shoes because of Jeremy. He was very attentive and knowledgeable about the product and feet. I live in the Atlanta, Ga. area and have been wearing New Balance for over 10 yrs. I have never received as much information and expert care as Jeremy gave me. He sets a very high professional working standard as far as I'm concerned and I will be calling him in the future for all my New Balance shoe needs. Kudos, Jeremy for making my shopping experience wonderful, even though you made me get a larger shoe size!” Shirley F.


“I wanted to share about an experience I had in your Washington store yesterday. My cousin is visiting from Chicago, and I happened to know that she has a very difficult time being fitted for shoes. (Typically tries on 40 or 50 pair before she makes a decision. I am not kidding.) She was in the market for a pair of shoes to wear while she walks on the treadmill, and I suggested that we visit Brown’s. I had the opportunity to observe Ann, your fitting specialist, as she worked with my cousin. Ann was so focused on my cousin and helping to solve her problems. Ultimately, she was successful in fitting my cousin after only trying on 8 to 10 pair. Ann’s professionalism and focus on solving my cousin’s various problems was stellar. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the experience. Thank you for being about so much more than selling shoes. Thank you for being about fitting shoes, and solving foot problems. Feet do love you, and so do their owners.” Cheers, Jeanne G.


“I had the pleasure of being fitted for new shoes at your store this past week. I bought two pairs of shoes and I am delighted with them. For the first time in years, I have no pain when I walk. Just wanted to let you know that I was extremely pleased with my experience. Branson is the last place in the world I would expect to find a shoe expert!” Thanks, Ron J.


“Great store, employees care about fitting you with correct shoe and insert if needed. Living and working with foot and ankle pain for years but New Balance employee fixed me up and NO MORE PAIN!! You've got my business forever!” Nurse C.


“I bought a pair of NB running shoes from Kerry at your Clayton Rd., St. Louis, MO location on 7/23/11. I'm writing to compliment Kerry on her professionalism, friendly and outgoing attitude, and her knowledge of the products she is selling/fitting, etc. She is a real asset to your company. I can't wait to go to St. Louis again and purchase another pair from such a customer-oriented professional. It's very refreshing.” Thank you, Carolyn W.


“I recently shopped at your Olive location for a new pair of shoes a week ago and had such a positive experience that I felt compelled to e-mail you about it. Lauren Thomson waited on me and noticed where my old, dingy pair of NB shoes was worn from use. I've been wearing NB for twenty years now, and the same size for about the past ten, but she spotted that I would need to be bumped up from a 2E to a 4E in width. Sure enough, she was right. I was able to order my favorite pair of shoes in the new width from a Kansas branch. She said that she just started the job in the spring, yet she was able to spot a flaw in my shoes that no other NB employee has for several years. Thanks for keeping such an informed staff." Regards, David M.


“I bought a pair of shoes at your Lake St. Louis store recently. Kenny was the fitting specialist who helped me. I just want to say I was very pleased with the customer service and I love my shoes. Having shoes that fit properly and have the right arch supports make a world of difference!” Leanna H.


“Tina: Just a little thank you for all of your expertise and knowledge in helping me find the right fit for my foot conditions. You were a calming assurance to my much fearful hesitation! So far, the new shoes feel great and I believe they are also helping me with the osteoarthritis I have in my right knee. Wish our world had more helpful and concerned people like you! See you (at New Balance Kansas City) next time I am in need of shoes. Wishing you all that is good in life!” Madonna T.