Hallux Rigidus

Hallux Rigidus, sometimes called stiff big toe, can cause stiffness, swelling and pain around the base of the big toe joint. This can affect the base joint of the big toe and its range of motion, and pain may worsen throughout the day due to constant flexing. Generally, pain concentrates on top of the big toe joint. The disease can progress from Hallux Limitus, where big toe motion is limited, to Hallux Rigidus, where the big toe becomes rigid. Heredity, overuse, injury and structural abnormalities can contribute to this condition.

Footwear that includes a soft, roomy toe area can reduce pressure on the joint while protecting it from squeezing and cramping. Also look for stiffer soles to discourage the flexing motion. A carbon graphite foot plate can provide relief by limiting the flexing motion in the toes and forefoot. The Vasyli Danaberg Full-Length Orthotic is an over-the-counter insole that is engineered to promote natural biomechanical foot function.

Custom orthoses are often recommended by doctors when over-the-counter solutions don’t work. Our certified pedorthists can fill your medical professional’s prescription for custom orthoses and support your doctor’s recovery plan.


We offer a wide range of New Balance footwear for a wide range of foot conditions. Click the link below to view recommended shoes for both men and women suffering with Hallux Rigidus.


Recommended shoes for Hallux Rigidus


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