Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma, also known as interdigital neuroma, is a thickening and scarring of the nerve fiber that runs in between the toes, most commonly in the webbing between the 3rd and 4th toes.

Overuse and repetitive motions can cause scarring, making the digital nerve thicken. Over time, if the compression/injury continues, the nerve repairs itself with fibrous tissue that leads to enlargement of thickening of the nerve. Neuromas are very common in women.

Symptoms associated with Morton’s Neuroma are numbness, tingling, and burning, sharp or shooting pain. Symptoms may last for days, but can often become chronic. Many people find relief by removing footwear and massaging the foot. Shoe Shape is important. Extra-depth footwear with a roomy toe area is also highly supportive. Avoid shoes with narrow or tapered toes and high heels that force the weight onto cramped toes.

Over-the-counter insoles with supportive cushioning and a metatarsal pad can encourage the splaying out of the toes for healthy alignment.


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Recommended shoes for Morton's Neuroma


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