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Hickory Brands/10 Seconds

10 Seconds Pressure Relief Insoles with Met Pads

10 Seconds Pressure Relief Insoles with Met Pads

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10 Seconds Pressure Relief insoles 

The Pressure Relief insole is designed to reduce friction within your shoes and keep your feet blister-free, while re-distributing pressure throughout the foot. This insole can be used all day, everyday for standing, walking, running or any sport related activity. The extra deep heel cup cushions the foot naturally utilizing the cushioning tissues in the heel of the foot, while the Plastazote® top layer uses your body's heat to mold the base of the foot. The contoured shape of the Metatarsal Arch Rise is designed to re-distribute weight and pressure and help give relief from Plantar Fasciitis, Morton's Neuroma, and Metatarsalgia. The air flow channels are molded into the shape of the arch to move warm air out and draw cooler air into the footwear making this insole idea for diabetics and arthritis sufferers.

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